Winding drums – Steel and aluminium

Steel winding drums

Main characteristics:

  • Excellent resistance to both abrasive and adhesive wear.

  • Most suitable for woolen and worsted yarns and any highly abrasive yarns.

  • Self lubricating surface for less friction, surface retaining lubricant forever.

  • Diffusion (Nit riding) surface treatment eliminates chipping, flaking or peeling off, while it may happen in chrome plating and nickel plating.

  • Wear resistance surface increases drum life by four times compared with chrome plated drum.

  • Resistance to atmospheric corrosion, fretting corrosion and cavitations erosion.

  • Evenly hardened so recessed and grooves are equally protected.

Winding drums Alfarimex

Aluminium winding drums

Main characteristics:

  • Super finish, light weight & lower inertia.

  • Uniform package density, also in soft dye.

  • Ceramic inserts at crossing points.

  • Thick & uniform layer of hard anodic coating, no peeling off.

  • Abrasion and corrosion resistant.

  • Superior hardness and low friction.

  • Hard anodized aluminium winding drums for long lasting performance.
  • Hardness: 495-534 BHN and increase towards inside.
  • Coating thickness: 60-80 microns.

Comparison of Hardness in BHN:

  • Bakelite Traverse drum: 33-56
  • Uncoated aluminum Traverse Drum: 90-100
  • Cast Iron Traverse Drum: 115-200
  • Hard Anodized Traverse drum: 495-534
  • Hard Chrome drum: 601-745
Winding drums Alfarimex
Winding drums - Steel - Alfarimex


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