Spinning rings

Spinning and twisting rings

We can supply a wide range of ring styles, sizes and finishes for short and long staple ring spinning.

All rings are manufactured using the highest quality materials for unparalleled consistency and service life.

Vertical (HZ) steel, conical (J) and sintered metal ring lubrication systems are also available for spinning and twisting operations that require oil ring systems.

Ultima Rings
A product of high technology surface coating for very high wear resistance. Thin Film (8 to 12 microns) coating with very smooth surface.
Ball bearing steel base ring.
Very long life.
Almost zero running-In period.
Suitable for very high speed.
Suitable for all types of Fibers.

QC Rings
Standard technology ring with high characteristics and economical.
Ball bearing steel 100 Cr.
Thermal hardening process.
Consistent performance all its life.
Short running-in period.
Economic price.

Conical and Vertical Rings
Rings are used in worsted spinning
for wool & acrylic.

Adaptors for Rings
We can supply adaptors to suit all types of ring frames in Aluminium & steel.


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