Laboratory instruments

Textile Laboratory apparatuses

humidity tester - Alfarimex

Humidity tester

Textile Moisture Meter instantaneously measures the humidity percentage in fibres, yarns and bales of raw, synthetic or mixed textile material. 17 stored measurement scales. Supplied with probe holder, connection cable in carrying case, needle probes on request.
Delivered with carrying case.

Precision balances

Compact and solid balances, ensuring an amazing accuracy and optimum performance. Fed by rechargeable batteries (for 48 h.) and power. These scales are designed for their use in any field, even under hard conditions.

* Time to read: 1 sec.
* Time to stabilise the reading: 2 sec.
* No pre-heating is needed.
* Can be connected to printer and PC.
* Number of pieces auto-counting.
* Auto-calibration.
* Big display of 16,5 mm height.
* Auto-zero and auto switch-off.
* Results in 10 different units.
* Plates of 110, 140 & 170mm diam.
and 190 mm square.

Models available:
* Capacity 150 gr, acc. 0,0005 g
* Capacity 300 gr, acc. 0,001 g
* Capacity 3000 gr. acc. 0,01 g

digital reading stroboscope - Alfarimex

Digital reading stroboscope

Scale from 40 to 35.000 r.p.m.. Power by rechargeable batteries for protable type and 220V for fixed type.

yarn speed meter - Alfarimex

Yarn speed meter

Combining the functions of three separate instruments in one. It accurately measures the speed and length of yarns using a unique “wrapper” roller. It can also be used as either a contact or non-contact tachometer to measure rotational speeds of shafts, motors, pulleys, etc. or linear speeds of moving surfaces such as conveyor belts, webs of paper or fabric, etc.

yarn tension tester - Alfarimex

Yarn tension meter

Digital or Mechanical Tension Meters to accurately measure the running line tensions of yarns, fibers, wires, cables, optic fibers and similar process materials.

digital tacometers - Alfarimex

Digital tacometers

Digital Contact or Optical reading from 0,1 to 25.000 r.p.m.and from 0,01 to 3.800 m/min. Reading of values is available in r.p.sec., r.p.hour, yards/min., yards/sec., yards/hour, /sec.,m/hour, feet and inches per sec./min./hour.
Storage of the last 4 readings and max & min values. Power by 1,5V battery.

thickness gauges - Alfarimex

Thickness Gauges

Thickness gauges are differentiated by resolution and mechanical or digital versions. Resolution up to 0,001 mm.

sample cutter - Alfarimex

Sample cutter

Designed to precisely cut samples of various materials, such as woven, non-woven, knitted fabric, carpet, films or paper. Typical used to determination weight per unit area of fabric , paper etc.

hardness tester - Alfarimex

Hardness tester

Yarn Package Hardness Tester The HP models accurately measure the winding density of textile bobbins, beams, spools, spindles, cones, quills, dye packages, rolls, etc.


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